Seven companies measured the impact of their greenhouse gas emissions in November

Every month we accompany a community of organizations that lead the fight against climate change through concrete actions. This November Cooperación Seguros, Luján Agrícola, Grupo El Surco (El Surco Tractores, Petrosurco, El Surco S.A.), C & F, Pastas Mulini, ARAG, PTP Group (Ramallo, Zofravilla, and PTP Paraguay) completed their carbon footprint measurements together with ALPA.

C & F is a leading company in Foreign Trade that has been providing Customs Brokerage, Foreign Trade (import-export) and International Logistics services for more than 30 years. They are promoters of triple impact businesses and seek to promote sustainable and transformative businesses. They have been measuring their Footprint together with ALPA for 4 consecutive years. As a result of this work, they were able to offset their emissions from 2019 and 2020.

PTP Group is making its calculation for the third consecutive year and is beginning to expand its business units, which led to the measurement that was carried out with PTP Paraguay. The holding company with more than 20 years of experience is a benchmark for comprehensive logistics services and offers different business schemes to its users according to their type of activity, logistics circles, levels of value generation and markets that each one links.

Meanwhile, Pastas Mulini, which has been working for 73 years producing food, promoting good practices and contributing to sustainable development; and ARAG, a reference in the sector of spraying accessories for precision agriculture with a model industrial plant and leader in the agro-industrial market, made their calculation as a result of a joint agreement with the Local Green Jobs project and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Rosario (CCIR), where Industria Gráfica Pagani also participates. The companies belong to different productive sectors and were selected from those that participated in the Tools for a sustainable green transition training.

Presentation of results together with ARAG and Pastas Mulini

Cooperación Seguros, founded in 1926, is the oldest mutual insurer in the country. Since its inception, the company has been an example of entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the community and the environment. Its focus on environmental policies is an integral part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan. It is the third Venado Tuerto company that turned its climate commitment into action and added its Footprint. Soon, together with Resguardo Serfín and Distribuidora Baudracco, he will promote a Triple Impact Project that will have positive repercussions on his community.

Luján Agrícola, the Mendoza company dedicated to the commercialization of products related to agribusiness, closed its emissions calculation for 2022, where its headquarters and warehouse located in Luján de Cuyo were studied.

El Surco and its three business units (El Surco SA, El Surco Tractores and Petrosurco) constitute one of the most important groups of General Pico. They develop businesses selling machines and tools for the field and selling fuel and supplies for vehicles through their network of YPF service stations. During the month of November they completed the measurement of the carbon footprint and presented their results on December 6 at an event organized by the Pampas municipality.

We celebrate that more and more organizations are seeking to improve their environmental performance by incorporating sustainability and triple impact actions into their business and production model.

Source: ALPA Huella de Carbono.


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