Green Jobs – Boosting sustainable impact: Training and 20 beneficiaries in marketing plans

He completed the training in Business Plan, Marketing and Communication, given between October and November of this year. This training was provided to sustainable ventures, within the framework of the Local Green Jobs Project, funded by the European Union. Among the participants, 20 ventures were selected that will benefit from a Marketing Plan.

The training

The training aimed to enhance the professional capabilities of green enterprises, strengthening their capacity to adapt and deepening the articulation with their municipality. It was dictated by Mauricio Tarducci, Damián Scabuzzo, and Juan Ignacio de los Reyes, professionals from the three areas involved and members of the Civil Association Institute of Situated Interventions (In Situ), a strategic partner of the Project. This training aimed to provide tools so that participants can develop a communication strategy and develop online sales channels to optimize their processes, improve their sales and positioning on the Internet. At the end of each module, each participant had to submit a practical assignment, which was part of the completion of the Business Plan for their venture. Thus, once the training was completed, 20 of those jobs were selected to benefit from a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan, together with the Disrupta Agency.

20 Marketing and Strategic Communication Plans

The 20 winning ventures will receive personalized advice on strategic communication and digital marketing, development of a brand manual and support in planning their social networks. Disrupta is an agency from the city of Rosario that is dedicated to design and communication, with more than 14 years of experience and experience in the field. One of the differentials of this agency is its local belonging and gender parity in the coordination of activities, which is why its work involves two SDGs, Gender Equality and Responsible Production and Consumption. The winning ventures were:

  1. Aluminé Tierramiel (Villa Pehuenia)
  2. Byta (Rosario) 
  3. Ciclo Sustentable (General Pueyrredón)
  4. ERE Paraná (Paraná) 
  5. Horus para peques (San Miguel)
  6. Hydro Ruta 40 (San Martín de los Andes)
  7. Las Paulas (Crespo) 
  8. Le coquette Atelier (San Miguel)
  9. Masana Kids (General Pueyrredón)
  10. MasUSO (General Pueyrredón)
  11. Mimismo (General Pueyrredón)
  12. Polly Gray (General Pueyrredón)
  13. Proyecto Moksha (General Pueyrredón)
  14. Qentra (General Pueyrredón)
  15. Revertir (General Pueyrredón)
  16. Ríe Sensorial (San Miguel)
  17. Tú Eres Luz (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca) 
  18. Verdivia (Mendoza)
  19. Vino Pedaleoz (Mendoza)
  20. Zig Zag (San Martín de los Andes)

Each venture will be contacted personally to begin working together. It should be noted that both the training and the work with the Disrupta Agency allow these key actors to be empowered and made visible in the transition to a Green Economy. These actions respond mainly to one of the objectives of Local Green Jobs: to develop the capacities and tools necessary to design public strategies that promote a low-carbon economy. The project “Local Green Jobs: the role of Civil Society Organizations as articulators of just transition processes towards a green economy” is financed by the “Civil Society Organizations Thematic Program – Argentina 2020” of the European Union, and executed by the RAMCC as responsible for the project and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Rosario, In Situ and Wageningen University & Research as partners.

Source: RAMCC


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