Hispanic-Argentine Collaboration for Climate Action.

In the context of the alliance established between the Red Argentina de Municipios frente al Cambio Climático (RAMCC) and the cooperative Alianzas para la Acción Climática based in Málaga, a call is opened between both countries to generate an exchange of experiences related to climate change, renewable energies, and sustainable mobility.

RAMCC is composed of 280 municipalities in Argentina, with populations ranging from a thousand to a million inhabitants, and they have been carrying out actions against climate change since 2010 within the framework of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Already, more than 100 municipalities have completed their climate planning, formed a trust for the joint purchase of technologies that reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, and conducted periodic training for their officials and employees.

Their work has led dozens of municipal mayors to participate in missions to different European and Oceanic countries, where they shared experiences with their peers and laid the foundations for working together. Additionally, several twinning agreements have been signed.

With the new alliance established between RAMCC and APAC, the focus is now on connecting local administrations that have a shared history and where many descendants of Spaniards live, who have significant recognition of their roots. Local leaders are carrying out numerous initiatives marked in the global agenda aimed at achieving carbon neutrality defined in the Paris Agreement by 2050.

Representatives of municipalities from both countries interested in joining this exchange, which aims to be both virtual and in-person, with internships for officials in courses and programs, are invited to fill out the following form.


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