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Climate Change is the main challenge facing humanity today. This phenomenon is largely caused by the continuous increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution, most of which come from human activities. Currently, the effects of Climate Change are evident in the rising global average temperature, resulting in various impacts on life on the planet, especially on the most vulnerable populations who often find it impossible to overcome the consequences of extreme climatic events that keep multiplying and intensifying over time.


To address this issue, we founded Alianzas para la Accion Climática S. Coop. And. (APAC), headquartered in Malaga. APAC provides strong support to public and private organizations that want to take an active commitment in the fight against Climate Change.


Thanks to the expertise of the specialists who work with APAC, we provide innovative solutions related to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Our working methodology allows us to come up with solutions based on experience that adapt to the culture and principles of each organization.

Everyday, there are more entities reaching out for advice, training, and technical support to strengthen or establish their efforts against climate change.

To meet the growing demand, APAC brings together partners and strategic alliances willing to generate high-impact work.

At APAC, we base our policies on five fundamental pillars: Responsibility, Sustainability, Innovation, Transparency, and


in taking on commitments


in every decision we make


solving problems with creativity


trust, and mutual respect


openness to exchange

These values define the identity of our company, inspire us, and guide us in our interactions with our clients, partners and within our team.

Responsibility: When taking on commitments, we channel our energy to find the best possible solution, working to meet demands with the highest level of human and professional excellence.

Sustainability: We incorporate sustainability into every decision we make, crafting viable strategies with the primary goal of caring for the environment and promoting sustainable development.

Innovation: When seeking solutions, we apply creativity, finding innovative answers that allow us to build through continuous improvement.

Transparency: It is essential to integrate transparency into our values, both with our team and with those interested in the fight against climate change. This value enables us to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Receptivity: We embrace freedom of expression and the exchange of ideas to collaboratively construct the best solutions.

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