[Training] Greenhouse Gas Inventory


This training covers a deep understanding of climate change and Greenhouse Gases, including their impact and relevant policies, along with detailed methodologies for calculating emissions in various sectors.

It also focuses on the use of specific tools for calculating and reporting emissions, and culminates with the presentation of municipal experiences for a practical and enriching exchange.

🔹START March 2024


  • Four 1-hour virtual introductory courses.
  • Tool: Synchronous zoom classes. They will be available to access them asynchronously on the Virtual Campus. To obtain the certificate of participation you must pass 4 questionnaires.
  • Dynamic: include elements for participation and debate between participants.


  • No cost for RAMCC municipalities
  • General public of Argentina: ARS$30,000
  • Public from the rest of Latin America: UD$200
  • European public: EUR€180
  • Students: 50% discount on the corresponding value

The value for the Argentine public will be updated on January 30.




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