PTP continues to focus on measuring the carbon footprint in its business units with ALPA

The PTP Group business group belongs to a productive sector that is beginning to focus on measuring its carbon footprint; it is the stevedoring, unloading, storage, port logistics and transportation services sector. With facilities in different locations in Argentina and South America, this productive branch usually focuses on actions that prioritize operational efficiency and transportation management.

At the end of 2023, PTP Group completed the carbon footprint measurement work at the Ramallo, Zofravilla and Paraguay headquarters with ALPA, which demonstrates its continuous and sustained commitment to the environment. This action not only reinforces the company’s environmental commitment, but also provides tangible benefits in terms of operational efficiency, improvement of the company’s reputation and image among customers, suppliers and business partners. Likewise, it promotes the creation of new business opportunities, strengthens existing commercial relationships and encourages innovation in more sustainable and environmentally friendly services or processes. These actions provide competitive advantages and differentiation in the market. The differential plus is given by the maintenance of its measurements over time. Lucas Gaincerain (Legal Area and Sustainability Department) shares the evident result of this:

“In addition, measuring the carbon footprint can also be a competitive advantage, since customers and business partners can value and prefer companies with a sustainable environmental approach”

Source: https://ptpgroup.com.ar/

Lucas Gaincerain mentions that currently customers of his services increasingly value and prioritize companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions. By measuring the carbon footprint and taking measures to reduce it, you can offer peace of mind that you are working responsibly and aware of the environmental impact of the operations carried out. This can generate greater trust and loyalty from your customers.

“By demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, we can stand out from other players in the sector and position ourselves as a conscious and responsible company. Which gives us additional value both for our clients and in the productive sector in which we operate.” (Lucas Gaincerain)

The new challenge for PTP Group for 2024 is the process of establishing a Mitigation Plan, which is possible to be considered by the continuity of the measurement of its carbon footprint together with ALPA, in this sense they are addressing some lines of action:

  • Energy efficiency: Installation of more efficient equipment, the use of renewable energy sources (installation of a photovoltaic plant at the Nueva Palmira Uruguay plant) and the implementation of energy management practices.
  • Waste Management:  We will implement appropriate waste management practices, such as recycling and waste reduction, to minimize the environmental impact of our waste.
  • Awareness and training:  We will carry out awareness and training activities for our employees to foster a culture of emissions reduction and promote sustainable practices in the workplace.
  • Emissions offset: Through participation in Triple Impact projects with your organization, plus the planting and delivery of 2,467 trees.

At ALPA it is essential to be called upon to sustain the measurement of the carbon footprint over time with committed companies such as PTP Group. This makes it possible to provide monitoring and assessments that truly impact the fight against climate change. At the same time, these actions offer advantages for those who carry out these measurements, such as positioning in a market where it is increasingly common to choose companies committed to the fight against climate change.

  • If you want to measure your Carbon Footprint, contact ALPA here
  • To continue training us in actions that collaborate in the fight against climate change, we invite you to the “Greenhouse Gas Inventory” Course. More information here.



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