Grupo El Surco presented results of the measurement of its carbon footprint

The important Piquen group that has three business units – El Surco, Petrosurco and El Surco Tractores – presented the results of the measurement of its carbon footprint together with Sello ALPA in the presentation of the Local Climate Action Plan (PLAC) of General Pico. The initiative, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the municipality, was timely to show significant progress in terms of business sustainability and public-private coordination.

The quantification and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions associated with their daily activity allowed them to understand their impact on the environment and guide future decisions that reduce or compensate for that impact.

Among the actions proposed by ALPA to reduce its carbon footprint are planning and perfecting routes and trips; encourage low-carbon mobility in the transportation of its employees and the hybrid work modality; make energy consumption more efficient; separate and minimize waste; and evaluate more sustainable alternatives in the purchase of goods and services, among others. Meanwhile, they have already implemented actions to optimize their processes.

Soon, Grupo El Surco will carry out the inauguration of an Ecopoint, a space intended for the active participation of the community in recycling and environmental preservation. In addition, the company will be part of a green space reforestation project, as part of the PLAC announced by the municipality of General Pico, thus contributing to a resilient city and the promotion of its biodiversity.



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