Measure the carbon footprint in the hotel sector.

In a world increasingly aware of the need to preserve our environment, the hotel sector is emerging as a key player in the transition towards more sustainable and responsible practices. In this context, the adoption of concrete measures, such as measuring the carbon footprint, is presented as a vital indicator of commitment and leadership in the search for solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of our daily activities.

The importance of the hotel sector embracing these practices lies not only in compliance with environmental regulations, but also in the ability to inspire significant and positive change in the industry, generating benefits not only for the planet, but also for local communities. and the reputation of the institutions themselves.

In line with the principles and the growing need for environmental care, the Hotel Plaza Colón, located in the town of Granada, Nicaragua, has demonstrated a solid commitment to sustainability. In 2023, the hotel carried out the measurement of its carbon footprint for the years 2021 and 2022, repeating the process previously carried out in 2017 and 2019; In all four years, these measurements were carried out in collaboration with ALPA. In this sense, it is crucial to highlight the importance of continuously carrying out measurements to analyze the progress, evolution and impact of the measures adopted in order to mitigate the impact on environmental change.

This initiative to measure the carbon footprint is not an isolated event; In fact, since 2006, the hotel has implemented various actions to promote environmental awareness and understand the implications that the hotel sector has on the environmental environment. The General Manager of the Hotel, Xochil Aguirre, recognizes the responsibility of the sector in the tourism chain, highlighting that the global scale operations of the hotel industry can have a significant impact on the environment.

The mainstreaming of environmental awareness at the Plaza Colón Hotel is an institutional commitment and extends to each member of the team. In the words of the general manager, Xochil Aguirre:

«At Hotel Plaza Colón we involve our collaborators in our environmental initiatives through the training they receive on the proper management of waste and waste, on saving water and energy in their different work areas, on the corporate carbon footprint and individual. We also recognize that they are the architects of both the overall quality of the hotel and the correct implementation of our practices.»

Hotel Plaza Colon. Photo: Instagram.

The experience with the Plaza Colón Hotel is not the only one in the sector that ALPA has, among many there is also the Rincón Escondido Hotel in Puerto Iguazú in Misiones, Argentina. Those who obtained their seal with ALPA for the year 2021, in it emissions similar to those of other measured hotel complexes were quantified, highlighting the emissions due to the replacement of refrigerant gases from the air conditioning equipment, the use of the company’s own cars and Whether for transferring clients or for purchasing supplies or using outsourced services (laundry), electricity consumption generally has the highest amount of emissions due to the high use of this service within the spaces of the establishment, and finally the acquisition of goods and the production of waste.

Rincon Escondido Hotel. Photo: Facebook.

The tasks mentioned by the Rincón Escondido Hotel are just some of those that the hotel sector carries out in daily life and are part of a more complex system, such as tourism, with direct consequences on the environment. Having the measurement of the carbon footprint in collaboration with ALPA opens the possibility of obtaining certifications and positioning ourselves in the market, achieving excellence recognized in the industry. But it is worth highlighting that they are not only a testimony of environmental awareness, but also an inspiring example for the hotel sector in general, highlighting the importance of adopting sustainable practices and being proactive in the face of climate change.

If you want to measure your Carbon Footprint, contact ALPA here

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